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HIPAA Audit Program

HIPAA legislation has very strict guidelines as to how healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and other medical professionals and facilities need to protect patient information through every channel of operation, from how payments are processed to how medical records are maintained and shared with other healthcare professionals to how information is shared with a patient over the phone and more.

At the HIPAA Association of America, we offer a HIPAA audit program that can determine the readiness of your practice so you can prevent a HIPAA incident before one occurs.

If your office has not yet obtained HIPAA training, then there is a strong chance that you could be putting the privacy of your patients at risk.

The HIPAA Audit Process

Throughout our HIPAA audit process, our professional analysts work side by side with your staff. We analyze every facet of your practice and how it safeguards patient information. By involving your staff in the HIPAA compliance audit, they will be able to learn more about what it takes to be compliant with today’s HIPAA regulations. Our HIPAA risk assessment investigates any possible administrative, physical, and technical risks that exist to your data.

Once the audit is complete, we review our findings and provide your office with a complete list of which risks are most likely to occur and the order in which they are most likely to occur.

We provide your practice with detailed and actionable data, including:

  • Which risks have the highest probability of being exploited
  • The number of patients that could be impacted if the risks were exploited
  • The amount of harm that would occur to both your patients and your practice if the risks were exploited
  • The steps to take to prevent the risks from being exploited Gives You the Information You Need to Get Compliant

Armed with the information you receive from our in-depth HIPAA audit program, you will able to make the changes necessary to better serve and protect your patients and to become compliant with HIPAA policies and procedures. It is important to note that the HIPAA Association of America does not provide the actual services necessary to implement the steps provided to prevent the risks from being exploited because to do so would be a conflict of interest. We only provide recommendations that best serve the interest of your practice.

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Patients are more concerned about their privacy than ever. Give them the peace of mind they deserve by having a HIPAA compliant security program in place. Your practice will be better capable of effectively mitigating its security risks. is your complete resource for getting the training you need to ensure your practice meets today’s strict HIPAA regulations. Don’t wait – get HIPAA compliant today!

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